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About us

Working in partnership with technology driven companies and entrepreneurs to grow and develop their businesses for scale and success, that’s us!

Our Structure

D3A Advisory Services
  • Company Management Sounding Board
  • Growth and Scale-Up Strategy Formulation
  • Governance and Organisational Development
  • Sales Development and Product Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Investor Support
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D3A Investors Network
  • Angel Investors
  • Seed Investor Groups
  • Venture Capital Firms
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Why are we different?
Why d3a?
  • Companies working with D3A Advisory services immediately get access to D3A’s global network of senior D3A Partners where a dedicated workgroup is assembled for max impact in relation to client services required.
  • Having several funding options directly available through the D3A Investor Network increases the funding outcome and shortens to time to securing funds.
  • D3A Capital & Advisory strives to work with companies for the long haul through various growth phases and have the flexibility to work with cash-strapped start-ups for equity only.
What we offer
  • We work in partnership with technology driven companies and entrepreneurs to grow and develop their businesses for scale and success.
  • Our focus is to refine their go-to-market activities and to develop their operations and communications strategies.
  • We give our Investor Network first access to these curated opportunities.

How we do it

We achieve this by engaging the D3A Collective Brain and by leveraging the D3A Connected Brain , working deeply with our Nurtured Companies™ over the long term to maximize their growth, impact, and success.
D3A Capital & Advisory seeks to build a long-term relationship with its client companies. It characterises this relationship as working with Nurtured Companies™. D3A Capital & Advisory will take a long-term view of client relationships not a project-by-project approach.
Our Collective Brain™: the wealth of experience of D3A Partners, the strength of our relationships, and our superb reputations, enables D3A Capital & Advisory to earn the trust of the entrepreneurs who apply their companies to become D3A Nurtured Companies™. We give our Investor Network first access to these curated opportunities.
Utilizing D3A Partners’ broad personal network connections (many have been in international business for 30+ years), which we call our Connected Brain, D3A Capital & Advisory offers to the Nurtured Companies™ unrivalled services to help tailor their products for the commercial and investment markets.

Meet our partners

D3A attracts exceptionally talented and like-minded professionals who wish to offer something unique and different to every client. Each partner has a great depth of experience, commercial awareness, and a track record of building, investing, and advising in a broad range of industry sectors across the globe.
Managing partners
Richard Shearer
Name: Richard Shearer
Location: United Kingdom
D3A: Managing Partner
Focus: Experienced CEO, multi-stage raise experience,trade sales, M&A. Board and Board Advisory
Jan Signell
Name: Jan Signell
Location: Malaysia
D3A: Managing Partner
Focus: Market break-in and growth, Government lobbying, Board Advisory
Collective Brain - D3A Partners
Simon Hudd
Name: Simon Hudd
Location: United Kingdom
Focus: Lawyer with M&A and fund-raising focus, Cyber Security
Iva Buschmann
Name: Iva Buschmann
Location: China
Focus: Team Review, Building & Transformation, Change Management, Performance coaching
Philip Rambech
Name: Philip Rambech
Location: United Kingdom
Focus: Multi-industry start-up experience, Mobile App pioneer, Brand merging, Crisis Management, Cyber Security, Opportunity spotter
Mark Gamble
Name: Mark Gamble
Location: United Kingdom
Focus: Fintech Development and Growth; Financial services.
Angela-Marie Graham (AMG)
Name: Angela-Marie Graham (AMG)
Location: United Kingdom, London
Focus: Experienced CFO, Financial Management, Strategic planning and implementation, Fundraising, M&A, SaaS, Technology
Kasper Falke Jensen
Name: Kasper Falke Jensen
Location: The Netherlands
Focus: Marketing and communication strategy. Stakeholder management. Business-, concept and product/service development.
Yura Myhailuk
Name: Yura Myhailuk
Location: United Kingdom
Focus: FMCG, Sales, Marketing, Business Transformation, International Expansion
Dino Joannides
Name: Dino Joannides
Location: United Kingdom
Focus: Sales , Marketing , Business and Corporate Development. SaaS , Hospitality , Retail , Mobile Apps and AI.
Maria Toycheva
Name: Maria Toycheva
Location: Bulgaria
Focus: Marketing and Business Strategy, E-Commerce, Telco, Startups, Research, Analytics, Big Data
Connected Brain
Stephen Kines
Name: Stephen Kines
Location: United Kingdom
Focus: D3A founder. Multi-jurisdictional lawyer focused on technology transactions and crypto. Internationally certified for ESG and Board advisory.
Liubov Kirilova
Name: Liubov Kirilova
Location: Bulgaria
Focus: Telecom ScaleUps, FinTech, MicroFinance, eLearning, Female Entrepreneur Support (on a sabbatical leave)
Regina Karoline Schueller
Name: Regina Karoline Schueller
Location: Germany
Focus: Business Strategy & Corporate Positioning, Governance & Compliance, Crisis Management
Konstantinos Chionidis
Name: Konstantinos Chionidis
Location: Cypres
Focus: Management consultant and published VR author with focus on Start-ups, M&A, Transformation, AI & XR
Gary Lewis
Name: Gary Lewis
Location: United Kingdom
Focus: Wealth / Asset management, Financial services, Energy, Business transformation and Strategic planning
Peter Jhaveri
Name: Peter Jhaveri
Location: Sweden
Focus: Big picture Visionary, Management Consulting, Heavy industries Board advisory
Craig Gagnon
Name: Craig Gagnon
Location: Canada
Focus: Nationally recognized Industrial Chemist, SME in watertech/cleantech, commercialization, circular adv material recovery, technical due diligence
Raj Sharma
Name: Raj Sharma
Location: United Kingdom
Focus: AI and Robotics, CyberSecurity, Healthcare, Technology strategic planning, Software Engineer and Architect
Michael Brady
Name: Michael Brady
Location: Ireland
Focus: Broad range C-level experience in Telecoms, Internet and banking. Digital transformation
Working together – our partnership charter
The key principles laid out in our Partnership Charter stem from D3A’s five values that we live and breathe: integrity, innovation, accountability, quality, and credibility.

It outlines key principles with the aim to ensure most effective relationship, to achieve best results and performances as well as to increase return on investment.

As partners we strive to comply with all the points of the Charter. Where that is not possible, for whatever reason, we commit to open and honest discussions to find alternative agreements.

For further details see link to the Partnership Charter.