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D3A Advisory

We create long-term enduring relationships with our clients, building value from seed to exit.

Our Services

Company Management Sounding Board – helping you see the wood for the trees.
Acting as sparring partner offering an external and objective perspective to company management and founders. D3A Capital and Advisory shares knowledge and experience of how to organise for success and constructively critiques plans and pitches to improve them.
Growth and Scale-Up Strategy Formulation – setting the direction and developing the plan to execute it
Strategy development starts with setting the right growth ambition based on the available drivers of productivity (everything from technology to finance), encompassing strategy formulation, creating a company mission that unifies the client team and their broader stakeholders with a clear direction together with an implementation plan to execute the strategy.
Investor Support
Providing investors expert input about specific investments they have made or are considering. This can take the form of a business review, a controls review, due diligence on an investment prospect, CEO/leadership team mentoring or simply a second set of eyes on business plans and strategy for an investor.
Governance and Organisational Development – developing governance to ensure success
Designing governance structures from Board/Advisory Board down to operational meetings which are sensitive to the stage of development of the business and its investor (or target investor) mix. What needs to be reported to whom with what frequency and how to ensure strategy remains relevant.

Involving both the top tier governance (Board) and governance down through the organisation,  investors want to see checks and balances on how their investment $ are spent.

D3A Capital and Advisory can support the business in developing risk management policies to:
  • Assess and mitigate operational risks
  • Anticipate future risk
  • Support business continuity planning
Sales Development and Product Management
D3A Capital and Advisory partners have a well-developed network of contacts typically built up through 30+ years’ experience in global verticals. Key sales management experience resides within our partners and designing sales processes, customer management process, sales reporting frameworks, contract management, corporate communication including marketing, etc. is an intrinsic element of organisational development. D3A Capital and Advisory is well placed to help clients with this key organisational building block.
In our rapidly evolving world, users are generating an unparalleled amount of data, which provides an opportunity for companies to better know, serve and grow their customer base. This growth in data has become one of the main drivers for long term value creation and the most innovative companies are using this new set of tools to create better and more sustainable strategies and operational plans. Although this opportunity is applicable to companies in all stages of their lifecycle, many start-ups do not have access to the right set of skills or tools to participate in this phenomenom. Here at D3A Capital and Advisory, we leverage our experience to support all of our nurtured companies to grow and develop through the application of our analytical frameworks and the development of better strategies. This ensures our nurtured companies grow at a faster speed in order to attract the necessary funding so they can move to the next level of their journey.
Business Process Management
Repeatability and scalability are the key elements delivered by Business Process Management which support efficiency gains once processes are working. Designing and documenting processes are essential components of how business scales.

Our Tools

D3A Capital & Advisory provides its clients (Nurtured Companies™) with access to the Collective Brain™ of experienced, global partners with extensive cross-industry business experience and cross functional skillsets from global markets.

We create long-term, enduring relationships through deep engagement with our Nurtured Companies™ and build value across the whole company lifecycle from seed to exit.

We prepare our Nurtured Companies™ for funding rounds and provide them with direct access to the D3A Investors Network.
D3A Collective Brain™
The D3A Collective Brain™ is the term we use to describe the wealth of experience of D3A partners, their diverse perspectives and skillsets, our ongoing collaboration, the strength of our relationships and our excellent reputations.

Regardless of which D3A partner(s) is providing service to our clients, we bring the full depth and breadth of the D3A Collective Brain™ to all our engagements with all our clients (Nurtured Companies™).
D3A Connected Brain™
The D3A Connected Brain™ is the term we use to describe the global personal networks of the D3A partners.

We maximise the outcomes for our clients (NC) by leveraging the D3A Connected Brain™ to engage with investors and professionals from multiple disciplines thereby drawing upon the widest range of experience and connections.
Nurtured Company™
A Nurtured Company™ is the process we use to describe our clients and the deep engagement and enduring relationships we have with them.

Together with the stakeholders of our Nurtured Companies™, we engage deeply with their companies over the long-term and nurture them towards success and return on investment through all market and organisational growth phases. We take a long-term approach to our client relationships.

Our Clients